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We currently carry the following brands and flavors:

Capstone Vapor

  • Bicentennial: Vanilla ice cream topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries
  • Blackberry Frost: Tart blackberries with a kiss of menthol
  • Brewed Awakening: Mild coffee with cream and sugar
  • Cinnahappy Crunch: Capstone's version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
  • Cinnamon Churro: Fried dough tossed in cinnamon and sugar
  • CV4: Caramel, vanilla and a very mild tobacco
  • First Frost: Rich mentholated tobacco
  • Fruitgasm: Strawberries and blueberries with a touch of tart kiwi
  • Hornswoggle: Cap'n Cruchberry
  • Moonberry: Sweet, fruity mix of strawberry and pomegranate
  • Momma's Peach Cake: Thin layer of yellow cake topped with peaches and cinnamon
  • Nanner Cream: Tree-swinging creamy banana
  • Scutterbotch Puddin' Pop: Creamy, dreamy butterscotch pudding
  • Six Shooter: Rich tobacco
  • Snickerdoodle: Fresh from the oven cinnamon cookies
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Ripe strawberries, spongy cake and a touch of cream
  • Swing Batter Batter: Cake batter
  • Thrilla in Vanilla:​ Sweet and rich vanilla custard

Liquid Prime Select

  • Appleachia: An incredible apple pie with a vanilla ice cream finish
  • Green Dream: A fresh mouth watering green apple with a creamy sorbet finish
  • Henning's Habit: A very smooth milk chocolate peanut butter that will make you crave more and more
  • Rollin Orange: An amazing chocolate with a subtle orange finish
  • Sweet Georgia: Tastes like a fresh peach with an amazing vanilla yogurt cream
  • Vanilla Biscotti: A creamy frosting with a delicious vanilla cookie finish

Moon Mountain Vapor

Maximum Velocity
  • Pluto's Paradise: Pineapple coconum mandarin lime
  • Project Gemini: Classic taste of RY4 with gooey marhmallow
Stellar Line
  • Buzz Berry: Fusion of blueberry and rasberry with a hint of blackberry
  • Nebula Nectar: Sweet honey, peach, and pear
  • Solar Flare: Pomegranate and lemonade
  • Vapor Trail: Mentholate juicy watermelon

Mount Baker Vapor

  • Apfelstrudel
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Carmel Coffee
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Coffee
  • Cookies 'n' Cream
  • Cotton Candy
  • French Vanilla
  • Hawk Sauce: Blend of sweet and slightly sour berries with a hint of menthol
  • Irish Cream
  • Monster Bash: Sweet, sour, and full of refreshing citrus
  • Morning Vape: Rich and sweet coffee with subtle hints of amaretto
  • Peach Rings
  • Rainbow Sherbert
  • Sticky Bun
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Moo Juice: Strawberries and cream
  • Blue Moo Juice: Fresh blueberries and sweet, creamy pastries
  • Zebra Stripe Gum
  • Vanishing Oatmeal Treats: warm oatmeal cookie dough and rich cinnamon sugar with hints of sweet raisins

Open Road Vapor

  • Bobber: A distinct and crisp medley of apple and pear with a touch of brown sugar
  • Cafe Racer: Not your typical candied custard. Sweet, but a natural vanilla slavor comes forward with a mild undertone of spice
  • City of 1000 Lights: Peaches and cream with cocounut
  • Ol' Lady: A ripe rasberry paired with a delightfully sweet ice cream
  • Saddlebags: Delicious melons that really pop
  • Sissy Bar: Chocolate cream

Pitbull Vape Juice

Pitbull Premium
  • Black Widow: Chocolate cheery tobacco
  • Kong: Tropical lifesaver candy
  • Krunk Monkey: Runt candies including the banana that always seems to sneak in
  • MelonBall Moonshine: Intense melonball mix with a soft blast of moonshine
  • South Paw: Orange berry twisted
Pitbull Unleashed
  • Blue Nose: Mixed wild berries in sweet whipped cream
  • Puppy Drool: Intense kiwi strawberry
  • Red Nose: Amazing watermelon
  • Brindle: Incredible maple pecan bourbon tobacco
  • ResCued: Rum infused cupcake with a hint of pineapple and topped with sweet whipped cream
  • Top Dogg: Double vanilla custard with two PitBull twists
Pitbull Menthol
  • Puppy Menthol: Puppy Drool's kiwi berry with a hint of menthol
Lazy Pitbull
  • Half & Half: Lemonade and iced tea
  • Kettle Korn
Cloudy Pitbull
  • Apple Overcast: Sour green apple
  • Cherry Haze: True cheery flavor
  • Ectasm: Ecto cooler
  • Pineapple Pleasure: Pineapple
  • Very Berry Fog: Berry mashup
  • Wacky Watermelon: Candy watermelon

Suicide Bunny

  • Derailed: Snickerdoodle cookie, cinnamon, and banana 
  • Mother's Milk: Strawberries and cream
  • Sucker Punch: Fruit medley and cream


Jimmy the Juice Man

Yeti Vape

Heavenly & Sinful



Space Jam

Uncle Junks

Boardwalk Vapor


Juicy Ohms

Charlie Noble

The Steam Factory

Liberty Vapor

Inventory is constantly being updated with the latest hardware, and our Wall o' Juice is contantly getting filled with new juice brands. Come in and visit us.